Monday, May 15, 2006

SQL Server 2000 not compatible with Media Center!!

One of my trustworthy friend Maruthi recently came from US. He actually went on a 3 months B1 visa for a project in Verizon. When he returned back in April 2006 he bought me a new DELL Inspiron 1505 laptop. This is the first time I am working in a laptop and I really loved it.

The laptop is pre-loaded with Windows XP Media Center and has 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD and lots of other features in it. For the past 3 weeks or so I was just browsing and doing nothing else using that :)

Last weekend I got bored with browsing and thought let me install SQL Server in my box. Since I know that, one need Windows Server 2000 or above to install SQL Enterprise edition I opted for SQL Server 2k Developer edition.

But I was really surprised to see that the installation wasn't working for me. Meaning, I was able to install only the client tools!! Really strange.

Why? Because one can install SQL 2k Developer edition in Win XP professional itself.

Since Media center is the next verion of XP obviously one would expect backward compatibility isn't it? If rich user experience (GUI) is one eye for Microsoft, backward compatibility is the other eye for it. But why this isn't working?

More interestingly SQL Server 2005 (next version which Microsoft release after SQL Server 2000) can be installed in Windows XP Media Center if we have SP2 (Service pack 2) installed in that box. I really donno what's the justification Microsoft have to say for this.

Kindly update me, if at all I am really missing something!!

[Only after seeing a similar query being raised by a person in MS SQL Usergroup today I realised that its an issue. Till yesterday I was thinking that I have made some mistake while installing :)]

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Arun said...

Hi Vadivel

Well I tried installing all the versions 2000,2005 enterprise,dev of SQL server ,surprisingly I couldn't even install the client version I twas thinking to upgrade or to buy a XP professional as secondary OS to install. If you could let me know how did u get to install it,it will be helpful for me

Thanks in advance
Arun Nehru