Thursday, January 07, 2010

Windows 7 related

Windows 7 related

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AppLocker: IT’s First Security Panacea? -
Useful Downloads

Forefront Edge Protection:

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Security Compliance Management Toolkit Series -

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Competition News

1. Firefox flaws account for 44% of all browser bugs -

2. Snow Leopard's more secure than Leopard, but it's not as secure as Vista or Windows 7 -

3. Security Essentials tests better than Symantec, McAfee -

Latest Security Intelligence Report Shows Resurgence in Worm Attacks

Review the latest Security Intelligence Report (SIRv7) to find deeper analysis and recommendations based on data input from over 450 million computers worldwide to help you successfully plan and manage protection technologies. -

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

Educate yourself and your organization on how to build more secure applications. The SDL Developer Starter Kit offers content, labs, and training to help you establish a standardized approach to roll out the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) in your organization -

The Trustworthy Computing Security Development Lifecycle

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