Thursday, May 11, 2006

How to fetch files based on Version label in VSS?

My collegue Prem and sriram on the other day where asking about how labling works in VSS. I was explaining them the details which I know. Incidently, today I happened to read this article on Dave GoodAll and found it really useful. The point which I learned is we can do it from command line also.

Extract from that article:

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, highlighting the 'Revision 2.1' item line and clicking on the 'Get' button will extract the same revision of the file as if you had highlighted version 7.
Similarly, the command lines:
ss get "$/Test/" -V"Release 2.1"
ss get "$/Test/" -V7
are exactly equivalent, and will extract the same revision of the file.

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