Friday, March 09, 2007

[Non Tech] Want to know the recipe for Omelette :)

Fed up with Bread - Jam and Curd Rice, today i wanted to eat Omelette. Interesting part is I wanted to cook it myself :)

So in the first picture you see all the items which are needed for preparing an Omelette.
When I had a closer look at the eggs I see that almost all the eggs are broken. But believe me when I bought it couple of days back it was in perfect condition!

I was wondering whether the eggs have become rotten or pretty old to consume! I tried taking an egg and break it but couldn't break it at all :)

Since I have kept in the freezer all the eggs have frozen and looked like a iron ball :)

After trying for few minutes of trying i removed the shell of the egg and then kept that iron ball :) into a bowl and placed it within Oven. I heated it for 1 minute and checked. It melted only to a limit. So i just set it for another 2 minutes and checked it later. It has melted but the part of the egg white has become a Omelette :(

I didn't leave it there. I took the bowl out of the oven and beated it as much as possible in that bowl. Then i added a chopped (half) onion and a tomato into that bowl. Then a tablespoon of salt and black pepper was also added into that.

After that, I poured little oil into the omelette maker (blue box which is in the first image) before pouring the egg mixture and placed it inside the Microwave Oven for 4 minutes.
After 4 minutes the final product was ready (see the below image).

Lesson Learned: Don't keep the eggs within the "Freezer" box of the fridge :)


Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


Say whatever. Only if a couple of cups of rice plus some kozhambu or sambar + some vegetable. It only satisfies the hunger.

Pizza and all junk foods just take back seats.

The downside however is cleaning the vessel to keep it ready for the next cooking cycle. :)

What do you say?

Vadivel said...

Yeah cooking + vessels cleaning are both boring job :)

Now a days I don't say any food as junk food!

Sindhu said...

Lol! well Dint realise making omelettes wud be such an ordeal for my techie bro :D!

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


I sincerely appreciate your views that no food be called as Junk Food. In our Hindu mythology, food is discussed as Annapoorani as we have a discussion sometime back.

I would also like to share with you a WikiPedia discussion on Junk Food.

Lady Luck said...

eheheh, u have a nice blog, full of details of your work and life! very enjoyable!!
;) gave a couple of clicks on your ads -- hope it helps!

Lady Luck said...

oh, and nice photos on flickr, too!

Vadivel said...

lol thanx lady luck.

James Johnney said...

Hi Vel,
Think you have undergone a great mission in preparing omlette!. show ur mother, about this non tech article. May be she understands the difficulty in making an omlette which she was preparing it all these years in just a minute. Your technical and non tech works are great!. Great work.