Sunday, May 14, 2006

My buddies are blogging ...

Flash news: Check out to know the latest tech news :)

Yesterday I messaged the above quote to few of my office buddies. Why? Just to inform them that I blog some tech stuff and those who are interested can drop by.
Also, summa oru suya vilambaram dhan :)

Only then i came to know from Srini that he has also started blogging recently. I was glad to know that. I immediately started going through his posts and there waited a pleasant surprise for me. I saw Vignesh and Prathiba name listed in his blogrolls.

Short note about them:

Srini -- I interviewed him a year back. At that time he was a fresher and I was impressed to know that he was having vague idea about VS 2005 and SQL Server 2005. Nice guy and the first impression I got about him is "he is willing to learn". Srini correct me if I am wrong :)

Vignesh -- I was one of the person to interview him. The day when this guy came for interview to DBS center in Nungambakkam .... I initially thought one another guy. But when he started answering we were really impressed. There was a point when myself, Raju (our then tech mgr) and another guy where throwing questions at him just to make him say "I am sorry, I don't know this". At last after a hour or so we succeeded in that mission :)

Prathiba -- If my memory is right I interviewed her also. I read few posts in her blog and they are really interesting. She has good writing skills. Keep it up prathiba.

I know the freshers who joined us last year are really sharp ppl. But I seriously didn't expect them to have writing skills as what they have showcased in their respective blogs. Great show guys. I have added you guys into my blogroll. Expecting lot (bit of technical blogging :) ) more from you all.

[Updated @ 12:46PM] -- It wouldn't be fair on my part if I didn't mention about Santhi. She is a pretty close friend of mine and one of the few level headed person i have met in life. I was really touched on seeing the "About me" section of her blog :)

One thing which I like as well as dislike in her is she never changes her mind after deciding something. For example, I have asked her many times in past 2+ yrs to "leave a space" after a period or a comma. She hasn't changed her habbit till now (you could check it for yourself in her About me section :)


Prathiba said...

Hi Vadivel,

Thanks for taking time to go through my blog.
One correction:
I was interviewed by Santosh Sinha. Sampoorna was the one, who was interviewed by you.
And thanks for the publicity too.

Vadivel said...

Oh yeah ... i forgot that. Anyway thanx for dropping by.

vigneshkumar said...

Hi Vadivel,

I cant forget the day when i attended the interview in tat DBS Centre, it was a memorable moment..

Thanks for mentioning abt me in the blog.. Felt nice.. :)

Vadivel said...

Thanks for dropping by Vignesh :)

Srini said...

Thanks Vadivel,

Thanks for the post and thanks for the blog rolling too :) Will sure catch up on the technical side too.

Even I remember the yester year precisely the same way :) What a day that was !!

Santhi.M said...

Unna..Thanks anna for saying abt me.Its nice to have tht characteristics.You do only what u like which makes your life happier ever. :)
But i stopped blogging for quite sometime and u knw the reason.Will keep on posting..Cool..

Vadivel said...

Santhi, thats why I told that I "Like as well as dislike" it :)

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

An interesting update on our bloggers' circle.

Also, you can link your ThinkingMS blog too since there are a lot of interesting posts that you have been updating out there.

Vadivel said...

Deepak thanx for ur comment.

Its there in the right navigation of the site. But still offlate i am not blogging there due to various reasons.