Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Intellisense in SQL Server for FREE!!

If you are developer working majorly on Microsoft IDE's then you would be aware of the intellisense feature which they provide.

As I am very much used to it when ever I work on SQL Query Analyser I miss that feature :) Yesterday night when i was browsing without any specific agenda in mind I stumbled on this.

I was really happy to know that Red-Gate is offering their product SQL Prompt obsolutely free (till Sep 2006).

Come-on guys make use of this wonderful opportunity at the earliest :) You can download the SQL Prompt here.


Varalakshmi said...

Wow Cool Feature!!
To become much more lazy :)
Thanku Vadivel for all your useful info!!

Vadivel said...

Most welcome Varalakshmi. Thanks for dropping by :)

chandramohan said...

hi vadivel,
this indeed is a cool feature...
but i wonder y microsoft is not providing this...

and i also have this question for you....
i feel 'browsing' by itself is an art and im trying to learn it :)
we need to know where to find what
thats the question in front of me

should we always rely on the search engines like google, alta-vista, howstuffworks, answers...not many i know either :)

Vadivel said...

Chandramohan, yes I was also wondering why MS haven't provided it. Who knows they might aquire it and integrate it in the next version of sql :)

As far as where and how to find information? Its a very broad question by itself. The bottomline is keep your eyes open and observe whats happening around you (i mean IT) always. Getting to read blogs (there are lots of active tech bloggers aroudn the world) is one such step towards updating ourself.

பாலசந்தர் கணேசன். said...

Dear Vadivel,

In the first place Red Gate acquired the product and they are not the one who developed it. Since they found the design not being very flexible, they are reconstructing it. So till they finish , they are offering it free, so that no one complaints or it does not spoil their reputation in their SQL SERVER market. All these days I was using a third party tool that provides generic intellisense and I added my own key words so that I can type it faster!!!