Thursday, May 25, 2006

Is there any problem with Gmail?

For past 3 days I am having trouble accessing my gmail a/c. Actually it takes too much time to login and show my inbox. Many times, only blank screen is displayed and I had no other option than to hit my keyboards F5 key.

I am really surprised!! One of the advantages which people said when GMail came into picture was SPEED.

Get it right, I am able to access Yahoo or Hotmail pretty normally on the same box. So something somewhere is going wrong for GMail. May be they are not able to handle the real load!

Update on May 26, 2006 @ 7.30 PM:

I forgot to mention that "TOO MANY" junk/spam mails are delivered to my Inbox. I am wondering how it fooled the spam filter and managed to get into my inbox. Something is SURELY wrong with Gmail server / application. Hope Gmail team to look into this ASAP before realising that it has gone above their head!

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Brenda said...

Is anyone having a problem with gmail?