Monday, February 26, 2007

Calling Cards for India ...

For past 2 days I am using USP long distance phone Card to speak with my wife (Sai). The call time got over today morning. Most of the people here in the hotel said that they are using "Reliance India Calling Card". More importantly reliance is running an offer now and its named as "Valentine Offer". i.e., Pay USD 5 and talk for 120 minutes. It's a cool offer. So thought I would register in Reliance and get hold of that offer today.

Their registration page is this but one can't sign-up if we don't have a mobile /Land Line here in US!

They themself say "Please do not register with a hotel/hostel/public phone numbers to avail Reliance India Call service. Instead you can use an auto-generated number for registration under Prepaid plan.". The last statement which talks about auto-generated number doesn't hold good till Feb 28th (thats when this offer ends!).

I called up their customer care (1-866-373-5426) and I was informed the same! I was curious and told them that people were able to sign-up with their "India Mobile" number till yesterday night. She made me hold the line and after a while the response she gave me was "though people could have resigtered it won't work for them properly!!!". What the hell is it?!?!?!

I was really disappointed and am still wondering why they can't create a PIN number and send it for those people who doesn't have a "Land Line" or "Mobile number" in US. That way, the user can call to their home from any phone and all they need to do is enter this PIN first for validating that they are the owner of this account.

Anyway people who have registered from the same hotel till yesterday night are really lucky (as it is working for them well till now) lol.

So I went back to USP Card itself. My friend who was here previously was using this and he is one who recommened me this card. If you are in US and want to make calls to your dear one's in India or other countries sign up here

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Javascript: Proper case validation

I am just posting a Javascript sample which I created for answering a question in dotnetspider.

<title>Proper Case Validation -- Sample by Vadivel</title>

function ConvertToProperCase()
strTemp = document.form1.txtString.value
strTemp = strTemp.toLowerCase()

var test=""
var isFirstCharOfWord = 1

for (var intCount = 0; intCount < strTemp.length; intCount++)

var temp = strTemp.charAt(intCount)
if (isFirstCharOfWord == 1)
temp = temp.toUpperCase()

test = test + temp
if (temp == " ")
isFirstCharOfWord = 1
else isFirstCharOfWord = 0
document.form1.txtString.value = test
// -->


<form name=form1>
<input size=50 name=txtString>
<input type=button onClick=ConvertToProperCase() value="Convert It Now">


Update: I have tested it with IE 6.0 alone. May be for working in other browsers you need to do little bit of tweaking. For ex: need to put semi-colons at the end of each statements.