Sunday, July 16, 2006

Windows Live Messenger + Yahoo Messenger

To be frank it has been almost 2 years since I either used Yahoo or MSN messenger [Bcoz of the restriction in my office!!]. Once in a while I am using GChat. Its because its embedded within GMail and it helps me not to loose track of what I was doing.

AFAIK, people majorly use MSN Messenger (Now called as Windows Live Messenger) for professional interactions and Yahoo Messenger for personal contacts. That means one need to maintain two different contact list and login into two different tool. Its real pain.

All of that has finally changed. Thanks to a partnership between Yahoo! and Microsoft, I can finally slim down to just two IM clients. Wndows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger can now communicate with each other. Finally, I can use the IM client that I like the most and still keep my contacts on the other service.

In order to share contacts like this you will need either the latest Windows Live Messenger client or the Yahoo! Messenger with Voice 8 beta.

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