Sunday, July 16, 2006

Microsoft is taking back Private Folder 1.0

Microsoft is removing an add-on feature to Windows that allowed users to create password-protected folders!! This feature was introducted only last week.

The disadvantages of this tool seems to be

1. Managing this tool in corporate environment is pretty difficult. For instance, how to control people who take illegal copies of an important document and store it within their Private Folder? The system admins have no easy way to scan and find out those.

2. If the users forgets their password then data can't be recovered,

3. All boils down to the fact that this tool doesn't come with any documentation. But I still feel that this would be really helpful for home users.

More over if Microsoft could redesign this tool to support some basic "Admin features" + decent documentation then I guess people would start accepting this.

At the time of writing this post the tool is still available for download from Microsoft site. So if at all you haven't downloaded it yet, grab this last opportunity.


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