Thursday, July 06, 2006

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0

Microsoft have released Private Folder 1.0, which lets you have a folder called 'My Private Folder' which you can password protect. Its completely free and mind you it doesn't come with any product support.

When would one require this?

There are quite a few places where this would come in handy. For example: Normally I keep my bank account PINs saved in a notepad!! Now I can be bit relieved by saving it within this Private folder.

One can save all important documents, credit card information etc., within this. It would really be helpful in home PCs or shared PCs where multiple persons operate a same box.


After downloading, double click on the .msi (Microsoft Installer) file. Usual MS installation with few Next, Next buttons :)

Once it is done we need to restart the system. After restarting the system, choose MS Private folder 1.0 from Start >> Program Files menu. This would start the installation wizard.

This is the first screen during the installation process

Second screen of the installation process

Final screen of the installation process

That's it. Now a new icon in the shape of a "lock" would appear in the system tray. You can right click on that icon to see whole a lot of functionalities which it offers.

Phew atleast from now on i need not be afraid of sharing my Laptop with my wife :)

Btw, one of my friend also introduced me to which is an opensource disk encryption software.

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Tejas Patel said...

Hmmn, I am not sure if this is way too cool to use Vadivel. There are far more better options available and quite a few are free too.

Saving your pins in notepad!!! Not a good idea indeed.

Vadivel said...

Yes Tejas, many guys who have worked with Truecrypt have also said the same.

But I am not aware of any other tool as of now.

Vivek said...

Hi, was following this thread. I cannot guess about the implications or threats, even after the file protected with Private folder tool. please clarify me.

Vadivel said...

I am sorry, I think I haven't understood your query :(

Vivek said...

Its ok.

What are the possible loopholes to crack the file (file which protected with Private folder) ??

hope, atleast now i'm clear :)

Vadivel said...

hmm I am not aware of any cracks as of now.

Vadivel said...

As ppl have said .. this doesn't seem to be fit for enterprise level customers. Check out