Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Microsoft Certifications via dumps ...

Offlate, 2 out of 10 guys I meet on a day talk about Microsoft Certifications (MCP, MCAD, MCDBA, MCTS etc.,). Though its a good sign, not many have put any real efforts to get certified ... itseems just a overnight study was enough for them!!

Are they too brilliant to grasp the subject overnight? Nope not really. Then? they have used DUMPS to clear the exams :(

Few years back in CNUG (Chennai dotnet User Group) I have answered to a similar topic. Since I couldn't find that thread now I thought of making a blog post on this.

Given a chance will you take up Microsoft certification?

Yes and No!

Yes -- I am interested in getting certified by studying the materials and after working with the software myself for quite sometime.

No -- It's because I don't find any real use of having this certification.

What do you mean by "No real use"?

  • To my knowledge, MS certifications doesn't have much of value within India. Almost everybody knows that there are high possibility that people would have either used "dumps" or other dirty source to clear the exams.
  • Do you know? there are sites which SELLS dumps and on top of it they give money back warranty also :( People are just degrading themself and the value of certification by buying / selling dumps.
  • Just put yourself in the shoes of the hiring officer and think whether you would offer a job to a person because he is MS certified? No body will!! because almost everybody knows about dumps :)
  • There are many people now saying they are certified even without working with that software! Needless to say, they are cheating themself more than the hiring officer. If at all they are given a job I am sure they can't survive too long!
The bottomline is, Certifications are of no value (anywhere in the world) if you cannot apply it.

So do you mean nobody should do MS Certifications at all?

Nope. I didn't say that. I encourage people who are willing to do the certifications after preparing well themself (without dumps :) ). This way irrespective of whether they clear the exam or not, their confidence level would surely go up. That's what is more important than just reading dumps and vomitting the answers :(

More over, I understand service oriented companies do consider certifications. It's really a shame on those companies which encourages their employees to study with the help of dumps and clear the exams overnight :(

Also, I have heard that Certifications are having good value in US or overseas!

Is Microsoft doing anything about this?

I was really wondering why on earth Microsoft is not doing anything about this. But recently I learnt from that they are also seriously against dumps :) Find below the Q&A which I extracted from the above link.

Q: What is Microsoft doing about paper MCSEs and the "brain-dump" Web sites?

A: Adding simulation technology will make it more difficult for the so-called brain-dump Web sites to be effective. In addition, Microsoft has a team that works to find the illegal brain-dump Web sites, and then we take appropriate legal actions.

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Anonymous said...

So do you think legal brain bumps can be allowed??? I strongly believe "Microsoft is the one who spread these dumps in the market."

Nagasundar Subramanian said...

I really appreciate the post of vadivel. Nothing is impossible in this world, it may be take some time to solute everything in a single point. Tolerate yourshelf guys keep alive with good technical knowledge that'll make you proud yourself.