Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Internet Service Providers in India have started blocking blogs!!

Since yesterday I am not able to access my blog. Initially i thought it could be because of some problem with their server!

I was able to login to blogger.com and create or edit posts but not able to visit my own blogspace :)

As this error wasn't resolved for more than few hours I thought there is something fishy. So I started to look for more information on this with the help of "Google". In that process, I understood that the Indian ISPs have blocked .blogspot.com, .typepad and .geocities domain's completely. It's really strange to know that Govt has issued orders to block it.

Government seems to claim that "Terrorists are using this channel to communicate freely amongst themself". No second thoughts on saying "Terrorists links needs to be broken". But the solution they have implemented is totally ruthless. This is something like burning the whole house just because we have too much of mosquitoes in the house!!!!

If a site / blog contains illegal content then that PARTICULAR site alone needs to be blocked not the entire domain :( Isn't India a democratic country?

More interesting reads here:

1. http://digg.com/tech_news/Indian_Government_Blocks_Blogs
2. http://www.boingboing.net/2006/07/17/report_indian_gov_bl.html

Work around:

From these links I came to know about http://pkblogs.com/ which helped me to access the so called Banned blogs. Please be adviced that we need not necessarily use pkblogs.com alone! any anonymous browser would do. For ex: http://www.anonymizer.com/ can also be used (this has some limitation i guess).


vigneshkumar said...

This is really very bad.. :(

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


And a post I read that an ISP confirmed thier technical ignorance on how to blog particular URLs and hence to expedite satisfying of the Government Order, they proceeded with blocking of the entire domains.

Also, during an interview with an official in CERT-IN had replied let the affected come to the forefront and justify what they losing in their life if they are not able to access the enlisted websites.

That indicates ultimate arrogance and nonchalant attitude of the government.

UPA government seems to be a singlepoint failure for the nation, right from the start. I don't think they don't have anything great and positive to claim for next elections, rather they have undone all the positive stuff BJP served the nation.

(*)Gruesome Mumbai Blast
(*)Hopeless Reservation System
(*)Failure of Financial sector due to month long SBI strike
(*)Withdrawal of POTA to satisfy the alliance parties and thus weakening the security infrastructure.

The list seems to goes on...