Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tips for attracting more comments …

After a long silence I am blogging regularly for almost past 2 months now. Btw, I use “eXtreme Tracking” to track the traffic into my blog. When I check the summary of those results I am really happy to know that in the past 231 days I have got 6711 unique visitors. Out of which last month I have attracted 1362 unique visitors and this month (as of today 7 PM) there are 1733 unique visitors. I think this to be a good count. I want to reiterate that out of 231 days I have seriously blogged for couple of months only.

Ok with that information, I want to talk about the problem in hand. Only recently I started thinking “dude, you are getting decent amount of readers on a daily basis. But then you aren’t getting much feedback from them. What’s the problem?”

Just because I am not getting decent amount of feedbacks does it mean my blog isn’t informative? I really don’t know but I know that, normally people are reluctant to post their views as comments on site for various reasons.

In my view, some of the reasons why people aren’t commenting on my blog (as much as I would expect) are as follows:

  1. Readers might be afraid of posting their views as they are paranoid of being teased by others (if at all their feedback is totally wrong!!).
  2. Most of my blogs are technical (!!) and so some of them aren’t interested in commenting on it [I take it positively that those guys learn something from my site]
  3. My blog posts are majorly techie and so only a circle of people might be interested in reading. If at all I start writing on topics which are of major interest to the general readers (for ex: talk about Rajinikanth’s new movie Sivaji , talk about Tamil Nadu elections 2006, talk about the social services which I do etc.,) might be then they would open up.
  4. There might be people who accidently get into my blog via Google or any other search engine.
  5. I don’t have any real “groups / fans” who read my blog regularly. [There is a high possibility that people comment based on face value].
  6. I might be talking on a subject which people already know.

Anyway lemme hope that people would comment at least for this post.

Glad to share this with you …

Now, I want to share with you all an incident which happened approximately 6 months back. There is a friend of mine by name “Jayaprakash” (JP) who was my MCA classmate. He works for Sella Synergy. I lost contact with him some 3 to 4 years back. All of a sudden, I got a mail from him asking me to call his mobile once I saw his mail. It was a pleasant surprise and I immediately called him up. After chit-chatting for few minutes he insisted me to come to his office right away. Though I said, I was bit busy!! He was too particular on me dropping into his office that evening itself.

I went to his office (which happens to be just few buildings away from my office!) around 5 or 6 PM in the evening. He introduced me to his team mates (I guess approx 4 o 5 guys) and said “They are all your fans”. Phew I was really taken back.

Till that time, I was thinking who is going to read my blog I wasn’t able to speak much with those chaps so just did a formal handshake and chatted for few minutes. Later JP told me that, one of his team mates was reading my blog (which has my snap on the right side). When JP saw my photo he has enquired about what they are doing blah blah. Those chaps have told him that we used to read Vadivel’s blog regularly etc.,

I came back to my office and told my friends that “I am really happy today because I came to know that I was helpful / useful for few chaps atleast”

Why did I write about this now? Just to console myself saying, even those chaps didn’t comment on any of my posts but didn’t they say it was useful LOL.

On the similar lines, I am happy to know that I was instrumental in making Santhi and Varalakshmi enter into the world of blogging. Having your blog listed in others Blogroll is a very nice feeling. Though I have got into very few blogrolls I am very happy and thankful to them. To my knowledge, Logu, Sriram, Thothari, Santhi, Prathiba, Varalakhsmi, Deepak, Vignesh have all blogrolled me. Let me work hard to get into few more blogrolls :) Apart from blogrolls my posts have been referred by various people in their blogs at various time [I am not going to list it .. bcoz i don't have a complete list myself :) ]

Ok let me stop whining. If at all you are also having similar issue then you might want to check “10 tips for attracting more comments”.

[This is my 2nd post made via beta 2 version of Microsoft Word 2007]

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Prathiba said...

Hi Vadivel,

:) Nice post. Most of what you said are true. I agree with most of the statements ..:)
Infact if you thru my blog, you'll know what all stories i cook up to get more blog hits :)

But still have no clue as to how to increase it.
One suggestion though, there are few desi- non techie bloggers.
Try commenting on a few of theirs.
It might help. I haven't tried it though :)

Vadivel said...

Yes Prathiba I normally read others blog (irrespective or desi or non desi :) ) and comment on it if I found that post interesting to me.

That was one of the reason for me to get more hits on my blogs. But how to increase the comments is what the question in hand.

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


Unless otherwise the weblog is informative, I don't think we can pepper it up. You have given an excellent set of points but I have a few suggestions to you:

(*) I would'nt suggest you giving anatomy details of your webstats as a post. Rather, you can re-link to the stats button. I guess, your XT service should be having a feature. Is'nt it?

(*) Both you and me suffer from a single syndrome -- technical and non-technical are too much mixed. Did you observe? Should we do something to have a line of demarcation between them? I am just throwing an open question to you. There needs to be some brainstorming anyway. Is'nt it?

(*) Yep! There are a certain section of readers who are afraid of sharing thier views. But I don't think we should care about them. It should be thier own proactive step to break thier snails shell and breathe the freshness of the larger world in thier vicinity and elsewhere.

(*) Sella Synergy, I guess, is in Alexandar Square right?

(*) I just blogrolled you. Did you see it? After a longtime, just entered my Control Panel, did some small cosmetic changes. I did link you previously, but forgot to 'Template Publish'. :) BTW, did you get a time to get a grasp of

Vadivel said...

1) XT provides that feature and I have displayed that in the right nav for quite sometime. I gave the stats just for those who have't found out that button yet :)

2)Offlate only I have started mixing Tech and Non-Tech posts within my blog. Previously I was religiously posting only Tech contents.

3)You are right, Sella Synergy is in Alexander Square only. Previously it was in R.A puram i guess.

4) Nice to know that you have blogrolled me :)

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

Tip. When giving an organization like that (for example) Sella Synergy, if you could also facilitated with a link, it would be really helpful for other peers searching for the same.

Who knows. Another friend can to meet his pal using your post as a bridge. :) :)

Vadivel said...

:) Normally i do that deepak.

In this case, I am not sure about the URL myself. I was bit lazy to google and find out the exact url. So left it for the readers to search it themself :)

Sachin said...

No comments on this :)

Just kidding pal, really nice post. Just 2 weeks back I have hosted my site - , looks like these tips are going to be really helpfull.

vigneshkumar said...

Hi Vadivel..

Really cool and nice post.. Even i go thru ur posts, but hvnt commented 'coz of many reasons tat u hv already mentioned..

And ur link fr gettin more comments, wll be valuable fr many.. who r bloggin.. :)

Vadivel said...

Thanks for dropping by and letting me know your feedback Sachin. Would check your site soon.

Hey vignesh thanx for ur comment :) Btw hope you have got settled in Hyd by this time!

Anonymous said...

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Hari Baskar J said...


Most likely reason that i feel is laziness and that happens... :-)

Anonymous said...


Vadivel said...

Thanx for dropping by Hari. Hope you are having fun in Dallas :)

Sure Srikanth I would add you into my list :)

chandramohan said...

hi vadivel,
am following your blogs regularly,
even i suggest my frns to go thru your blogs every day,
coz yu come up with interesting and informative blogs quite frequently.
this is my first comment though..:)
bit lazy...

This post has already attracted quite a number of comments :)

Srini said...

lazy..lazy...lazy!! Not just in commenting, even for blogrolling. But now, I've done both :)

Ramesh Kumar Nagarajan said...

Its nice to see so many putting their comments and actively blogging.
Deepak and Vadivel - You both have become a role model for all these youngsters. Keep going guys.
I just started my journey towards blogging and both (Vadi and Deepak) has active part on it. Both made sure to send me mail once they blog or put some comments on my blog. I need to thank you guys for that.

Vadivel said...

Thanks for your comments Ramesh and Chandramohan.

I came to know a week back that ramesh is blogging... but chandramohan blogging is news to me :)

As I normally say, let me take this oppn to welcome you both to the world of blogging.

chandramohan said...

hi vadivel,
have jus started blogging...

have a couple of posts at

yet to post a gud one :)

Varalakshmi said...

Hi vadivel,
I would like to oppose one of ur points that u don't have a fan..
Though I have not mentioned it explicitly, I think its the right time to open it up. Ya, I am A "Fan" of you. Even I thought of becoming a fan in Orkut if at al u add me as a friend :)
Btw, Give ur gmail id !! :)
Irundhaalum Thannadakkam rombna Jaasthinga Ungalukku :)

Vadivel said...

Nice to know that varalakshmi :) btw, my gmail id is

Maruthi said...

Though am the lazziest personality in the world, I'm always interested of reading ur blogs. may not be regular, bunch at once :-(.
great to see that u virtually inspired many ppl. keep up ur good journey.
BTW, I like this marketing strategy to invite more ppl on giving feedback :-) just kidding...

Sudar said...

Hi Vadivel,

Well, I think you have earned one more fan now. ;) I came to your blog following a link which you have posted in my blog comment and I am reading your blog for the past 1 hour or so and this is my 3rd comment and I have already opened up my Wordpress admin screen to add you to my blogroll and I am going to click my bloglines subscription bookmarlet to add your feed.

Keep the good work going dude..


Vadivel said...

Nice to know that sudar :) thx

Anonymous said...

Hi Vadivel, This would be of too late comment about your post. But unfortunately i've gone throu this just now. By the way i'm the guy who played a bridge role and made JP to reach you. Once in a bluemoon i've commented and raised some queries regarding your post. I don't think we ppl are afraid or unwilling to do +ve/-ve comments about blogrolls which we felt good or bad. It might not happen all times due to various reason.

however i read your blog even if i'm in any part of the world.


Vadivel said...

Thanks for the feedback Vivek :)