Thursday, June 29, 2006

See my house in the city map

Step 1: Goto (it's really a cool site)
Step 2: On the top right you could see "WikiMapia". Move your mouse on top of it.
Step 3: Choose "Search Places"
Step 4: Type "Vadivel". You could find my house in the city map.
Step 5: Just click on the box whose tootip reads "Vadivel's house". You would now see "Show info" link within that box. Click on it to see the description too :)

This wikimapia is powered by Google Maps!

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vigneshkumar said...

Wowww.. Its really cool.. :)

Prathiba said...

Hi Vadivel,

Super link . Loved it. Found my house and marked it :)
Thanks for the link :)