Monday, October 09, 2006

Google I'm Feeling Lucky :)

From a fellow MVP (Harish Ranganathan) I came to know about this interesting fact.

Old News: If you search for "Failure" in Google and click on "I'm feeling lucky" button it would take you to President Bush's homepage :)

Latest News: Now, interestingly, if you search for the word "Search" in Google and click on "I'm feeling lucky" button, it goes to Windows Live Search Page.

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Gautham said...

Nice Info...


Anonymous said...

Hey... that was a nice catch


Srini said...

wow :) That was the bottom line Larry Page used to repeat, that his PageRank is superior to anybody else's search technology for the fact that it lists the most relevant and highly ranked result at the top of the page and it is impossible for any person on Earth to bring their result to the top by spoofing.

Now how do we call it? A personal Back-fire or a Success of an exceptional programmer :))

Vadivel said...

Good question srini :)