Saturday, September 30, 2006

History of SQL Server ...

I suggest all SQL developers to have a look at The site is rich with information on SQL Server and its really informative.

I read the history of SQL Server from that site and here is the summary of it:

1. 1993 - SQL Server 4.21 for Windows NT
2. 1995 - SQL Server 6.0, codenamed SQL95
3. 1996 - SQL Server 6.5, codenamed Hydra
4. 1999 - SQL Server 7.0, codenamed Sphinx
5. 1999 - SQL Server 7.0 OLAP, codenamed Plato
6. 2000 - SQL Server 2000 32-bit, codenamed Shiloh
7. 2003 - SQL Server 2000 64-bit, codenamed Liberty
8. 2005 - SQL Server 2005, codenamed Yukon
9. Next release - codenamed Katmai (not confirmed )

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1 comment:

Srini said...

Nice info vadivel. But I'm not done with the SQLK link still :)

Also BTW, I have been thinking all these times about the significance of these code names? Interestingly Whistler, Whidbey, Yukon and even Longhorn i guess are named around an island/mountains/tourist places in and around Seattle. I remember even reading this somewhere. But Sphinx, Plato, Shiloh etc goes to Greek mythology (but still found some American islands also here). Any clue on this? May be very trivial.. but still looking for a random trivia :)