Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Version of Blogger.com is in Beta ....

I created a new blog (http://sailakshmi-vadivel.blogspot.com) in order to test out the upgraded version of blogger.com

List of features which I have noticed so far:

1. One feature which was there in my wish list for quite a long time is "Creating categories or Labels" for blog posts. That has been implemented in this new version.

2. They have implemented "Web parts" partially. i.e., the owner / admin of the blog can customize the look and feel of the site with ease. They can add new "Page elements" and/or rearrange existing items within the page layout with the help of a mouse itself.

3. No need to create a new username / password and remember it all the time. We can use our GMail account itself for managing our blogspace also.

I came to know from http://buzz.blogger.com/2006/08/blogger-in-beta.html that, going forward all our existing blogs can also be migrated to this new engine. I would love to label all my posts ASAP. Since its in beta they would be opening up this upgrade facility for few people only (to start with). Hmm let me keep an eye on my dashboard :)

Create a new account @ http://beta.blogger.com/home, If you want to try out the new engine for yourself.


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Prathiba said...

Hi Vadivel,

Created a new account in the new blogger beta version.prathiba_v.blogspot.com Haven't posted yet
liked it. But they don't have better looking templates. :)

Liked the customise thingie ,Page elements . Its becoming so easy to use :)

Vadivel said...

Yes Prathiba, they don't seem to have any new templates as of now. But i guess we can create our own templates if we want to.

Jaya said...

is their any any restriction on putting "Ads By Google" in blog sites
generally i am asking

Vadivel said...


To my knowledge, there isn't any restriction