Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Terminal Services Session Recording

TSFactory will be launching a new application that allows you to record every single individual session on your terminal servers or simply servers with remote desktop enabled (so you can record all that is done to Exchange, AD, SQL etc.) for later playback or archiving (for audit purposes for example). The size of the file really depends on what the user is doing. They expect the average session to use 2MB per hour.

For version 1.0 this is what they have:

• Session recording with all metadata saved so you can search by username, originating workstation, server, date/time.

• Session recording based on username or time of the day (so you can schedule a recording to happen during certain times or only for certain users).

• Small footprint service with minimal overhead.

• Small player provided.

For V2, to follow they will have:

• Session recording for certain applications only (so you can record let's say your financial apps only).

• Nice fancy web interface for session retrieval and playback.

• Maybe SQL support to dump all sessions there.

• MOM integration? We are thinking about this. So you could see on the MOM console the sessions recorded for the servers you are monitoring.

If you want to give it a try, download it here.

Source: ThinComputing


Anonymous said...


you should try ObserveIT ... it's a working solution .


Anonymous said...

Although ObserveIT is a solution, it is not developed with RDP or ICA in mind. RecordTS is the first tool written specifically for such protocols and is not simply a 'screen snapshot' tool. It is in a different league for sure.