Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mail from Bill gates to all MS employees and Subsidiaries

Updated on June 20, 2006:

I have removed the Bill Gates mail after reading the comment posted by an anonymous well wisher :)

Though I was not too sure whether I have violated the copyright laws as I could see the contents being posted freely in few other sites as well. Still I don't have time now to do a research on whether its a violation or not.

So for the benefit of those who haven't read that ... here are few links where you could find the same content which I have blogged here previously.


This can be another interesting read for you guys

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Srini said...

Fantastic read :) I'm just imagining how proud it will be for all those employess to read this on their inbox !! But i still think he isn't that old to call off even at 2008 :(. Long live 'The Company' and long live 'The Foundation'.

Anonymous said...

You are violating copyright laws by posting this on your blog. Remove it before you face infringement and get caught in ugly legalities.

- An anonymous well-wisher