Wednesday, June 21, 2006

.docx is the extention for Word 2007

Though I have been using beta 2 of Microsoft Office 2007 for couple of weeks now. Only last night i noticed that it has a new extension now :)

The new extension for MS Word 2007 is ".docx". For those who weren't aware, previously Microsoft Word document used to have ".doc" as its extension.

Little bit of googling helped me to find this Microsoft link where-in they have explained ".docx" as Office Open XML format.

The whole interface of Word has changed and it looks really cool. As of now I have just looked into the way of making blog posts using it :) It's really simple.

Step 1: We need to register our blog account with MS Word by choosing "Provider". In my case, it is Blogger.

Step 2: Provide the "Username" and "Password" which we used to login into our provider.

Step 3: Now we are ready to create the blog post. The document would have two parts. If you click on the header of the word document. It would read as "Post title". [Note: If you have opened a normal document it would read as Header only. Only if we open a new blog document it would as Post title.]. The rest of the lines below it would become your blog content.

Step 4. Once you are done, from the toolbar choose "Publish" or "Publish as Draft".

[Sometime this week, I would update this post with more details / screenshots of how to do this.]

One bug which I have found as of now is:

It throws an error if I try to publish a post whose content is more than a page long. More over the error message is not intuitive. The error message thrown is something like, "internet connection not available or incorrect password" :)
[Sometime this week, I would update this post with screenshot of the error message.]

Converter: --- After installing this with our Office XP or Office 2003 we could open files created in Microsoft Office 2007. I am sure this would be useful.

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