Saturday, June 17, 2006

TechEd 2006 – Day 2

I attended the Architect track for few sessions in yesterday’s Day 2 of Microsoft TechEd. Man it was really boring. Mainly there was a session on SAS and till the end I didn’t understand the agenda of that session. Those guys were really confusing and weren’t able to handle questions properly.

The session by Gaurav Khanna on CLR Hosting 2.0 was informative. As always Gaurav speaks very fast and at time we weren’t able to follow him closely. This comment I heard from many others who attended that session too.

The highlight of the day was Nauzad’s session on BizTalk Server 2006. He almost took the session like “BizTalk for dummies” and it was really useful.

In this TechEd I really missed Praveen Srivatsa on the DATA (SQL) track. Praveen is one such guy who gives lots of tips on SQL Server and mostly we wouldn’t have heard about them previously

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Srini said...!! How's Office 12 ? Expecting a complete review soon :)

Sachin said...

I agree with you, few sessions were very boring and as always it was difficult to catch-up with Gaurav.