Monday, April 23, 2007

Top 20 things programmers say to testers!

I was going through the "Top 20 things Programmers says to Testers!". Its really funny and brought back lot of memories.

Out of the 20, i need to admit I use these excuses very often :)

18. "It worked yesterday!"
12. "You must have a wrong version"
1. "It works on my machine"

The other excuses which I use or heard people using it are:

1. The issue isn't reproducable.
2. It's designed to work that way!
3. You know we have done it as a value add ourself! there is no spec for this.
4. It's been fixed long time back. May be you are looking into a wrong version!
5. You know its not because of our layer! It's an error in the "Service Layer" which another team needs to look at.
6. I don't think its a show stopper. How about fixing it in the next release?

Do you have a say on this?


HaRiKaran.S said...

Its true vadivel. I read that article. I used to tell testers that "Yes, it's supposed to do it. Don't you want to do like it?"

Vignesh Kumar said...

I got this one as a forward.. And really enjoyed it.. :)

Here, we hv got loads of problems with the Testing team ppl.. :( :(

DOT said...

Do u know what do testers say

"We will not ship your product...... "
This is what my team did ... :)

Devesh Anand