Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Using Notepad as your virtual diary ...

Whenever I get into an official call I used to open notepad and start to take notes. After few days if I open that notepad I used to wonder on which particular days call i took this note :) [Yeah sometimes I used to forget to type in the current date and time before starting take notes].

Few weeks back I got to know this interesting tip which I have explained below via my collegue.

Step 1: Open notepad
Step 2: Type .LOG as the first line of the file and press the carriage return [Enter key]
Step 3: Save and close the file.
Step 4: Double click on the file and open it ... you could notice that notepad appends the current datetime at the end of the file and places the cursor on the next line.

Each and everytime you open the file it automatically appends the current datetime and places the cursor on the next line. Cool isn't it. This way one can make use of notepad as their virtual diary.


Rajiv Popat said...

Good Stuff!

Prem said...

Realy a good good stuff man.....

Anonymous said...


By pressing F5 also we can able to bring date and time in notepad.

Vadivel said...

True we can use F5 also.

But my point would help ppl who used to forget to press F5 or manually type it each day. So instead of typing.. on opening the page itself it would automatically add the data and time to the file.

Hope this helps!