Thursday, January 19, 2006

Nasdaq Case Study on SQL 2005

  • NASDAQ, which became the world’s first electronic stock market in 1971, and remains the largest U.S. electronic stock market, is constantly looking for more-efficient ways to serve its members.
  • As the organization prepared to retire its aging Tandem mainframes, it deployed Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 on two 4-node Dell PowerEdge 6850 clusters to support its Market Data Dissemination System (MDDS).
  • Every trade that is processed in the NASDAQ marketplace goes through the MDDS system, with SQL Server 2005 handling some 5,000 transactions per second at market open.
  • SQL Server 2005 simultaneously handles about 100,000 queries a day, using SQL Server 2005 Snapshot Isolation to support real-time queries against the data without slowing the database.
  • NASDAQ is enjoying a lower total cost of ownership compared to the Tandem Enscribe system that the SQL Server 2005 deployment has replaced.

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