Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bill Gates in MTV!!

I came to know about "Notorious B.G on MTV" from my favourite bloggers blogspace >> I went through the complete transcript @ and the below QA is what I liked the most.

Yago: Before we reach that day, certainly I know a lot of people in high school and college are hearing a lot about how India and China will take over a lot of American jobs. What do you say to that generation of young people now that's in college, that's now in high school or approaching high school?

Gates: India and China advancing and getting rich is fantastic news. What that means is that people who have been living in poverty, had ill health and illiteracy, are now getting jobs that allow them to be educated and realize their potential. If we had a choice today where India and China would be as rich as the United States, we should all want that, because not only would it be great for them, but they'd be buying more of our products. ... Their advancing isn't taking away from a finite pool of jobs. What it does is it grows the global economy. It does mean that we have to renew our skills, renew our leadership, and that largely means investing in the education system. So it doesn't have to be a bad thing, it just highlights that we've underinvested in education and in fact other countries do a better job.

Hmm why did I like it .. might be because I am born and brought up in India.

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