Wednesday, January 21, 2004

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Bitwise, the annual online programming contest organized by the Computer Science & Engg. Department Society, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India, is being conducted this year on Sunday, the 8th of February. Bitwise is an algorithm intensive programming contest which aims to provide programmers across the globe, a platform to compete, testing their ability to develop efficient algorithms to problems within a given time constraint.

It is a non-profit competition organized by 4th year undergraduate students of CSE, IIT Kharagpur.

Over the last three years, the contest has become extremely popular around the world. In Bitwise 2K3, over 900 teams participated, with a team from Singapore bagging the first prize.

The registration is free and open to all. Contestants solve a set of problems posted on a site using C or C++. The solutions are evaluated, not only on the basis of correctness, but also on execution time and space complexity. The top 50 contesting teams will receive prizes worth Rs. 60,000!!


For registration and more information please visit our website at:

If you know of anyone who would be interested in taking part in Bitwise 2K4, kindly forward this message to them.


Bitwise Organizing Committee
CSE, IIT Kharagpur

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