Saturday, July 22, 2006

Installing SQL Server 2000 Server Components in Windows XP Media Center

Check out my previous experience on installing SQL Server Enterprise and Developer Edition in a Windows XP Media Center box.

The error which i was getting all this while is "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Server Component is not supported on this operating system. Only client components will be available for installation." and "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition Server Component is not supported on this operating system. Only client components will be available for installation."

Later I have downloaded SQL Server 2005 Express edition and after some initial struggle I have installed it.

Today I was again thinking why am I not able to install the DEV version as it is supposed to be installed on Windows XP professional itself. So I reinitiated the installation process and the results were surprising to me.

First I wanted to install MSDE and then try SQL 2000 DEV version.

Installing MSDE:

Step 1: I downloaded MSDE 2000 from Microsoft and ran the installation file (MSDE2000A.exe)

Step 2: Went to command prompt (Start >> cmd)

Step 3: Ran the setup file. Though there are various parameter switches which can be used along with this setup file, I used the bare minimum options only.

Setup.exe InstanceName=db2000MSDE SAPWD=velias SecurityModel=SQL

Here, InstanceName == name of the MSDE instance, SAPWD == password of the SA account and SecurityMode == SQL (Mixed mode).

Check out this to know all available parameters. Btw, MSDE doesn’t have any user interface and it is designed to work as a background service.

Step 4: Navigate to Adminstrative tools >> Services and we could now find MSSQL$YourInstanceName there.

Installing SQL Server 2000:

After installing MSDE now I tried installing SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Editio. But it wasn’t successful (Only client tools were getting installed).

Next I tried my luck with SQL Server 2000 Developer edition and to my surprise this time it got installed. I am really surprised because previously I was also trying the same thing but I didn’t have MSDE then. So is MSDE necessary for installing Developer edition of SQL Server 2000 in Windows XP Media Center? Still I don’t think so!!

Just for my better understanding I uninstalled SQL 2000 DEV edition and MSDE from my box. Then without installing MSDE I directly installed SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition and it installed without any issues at all. I am confused :) Have anyone of you guys come across this issue?

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Anonymous said...

am facing a similar problem.

Anonymous said...

Even I have the same issue. When i installed SQL Server 2K edition on xp - it went fine, but now i get an error saying "set up couldnot configure Server on the machines. Set up would abort!"" Kindly suggest!! Pls reply to