Friday, July 21, 2006

Blog blockade will be lifted in 48 hours!!! -- According to blog blockage would be lifted in next 48 hours! That article was written on 19th of July. Now its 21st July here and still is inaccessible directly!

I am wondering "Why would one need 48 hours to lift this ban!!!!?".

To my knowledge this move by the Government of India has only backfired. Most of the people wouldn't have perturbed to read those 17 odd actual sites which Govt was intending to block. But now since it is blocked many people would be very snooping to know what is written their :) So in turn Government is driving traffic to those banned sites without their knowledge.

Now people across the world know what is India's answer to terrorism --- "Ban Blogs". Great!!

Guess what could be the next step towards anti-terrorism policy of Indian Government --- "BAN THE INTERNET" !!!! Let the God save Indian democracy.

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Jaya said...

yes , it is very true ... people will have more intention now to see the blocked web sites..
i could see your site using
and also

while posting comment able to display word verification image where as not able to display it