Monday, May 22, 2006

Yoga ...

My wife used to attend Yoga classes which is conducted within our colony by an external teacher. She used to say, its really good. I am more into cricket, chess, carrom, TT etc., than Yoga. Meaning, I am not at all against Yoga, I am saying, I am more interested in other activities than this. But still I attended Yoga classes for a month myself and found that its really easy and helpful.

Btw, why am I blogging about this all of a sudden? [ People who are reading my blogs regularly would be really surprised to see a non-tech post made by me :) ]

One of my close friend Mr. X is pretty well known to my family. Once when we were generally chit-chatting the topic turned to yoga. Mr. X told us that in christianity Yoga is considered to be illegal or something of that sort. I just took that as an information which I was not aware before. Period.

My wife is having a pain in her neck and her right hand for quite sometime. That's due to various OTHER reasons. Let me not get into it now.

Last thursday I took off and took my wife to a doctor and based on his advice took an MRI Scan Cervical spine. After seeing the Scan report the doctor suggested she needs to be admitted for 7 to 10 days :( After 10 days of treatment if the situation doesn't improve a surgery needs to be done :( I love my wife more than anything else in this world. I actually wanted to get a second opinion from couple of doctors (Dr. T.K. Shanmugha sundaram - Ortho specialist and Dr. Rout -- Neuro specialist from Ramachandra hospital) before making a final decision on it. Needless to say, I was under severe trauma.

On Friday, when I was informing my close friends regarding that I was surprised to hear from Mr. X that these pains came because of doing Yoga. I left that as it is without giving too much importance to his comments. But today afternoon he again touch based on the same subject. He asked me whether doing some posture in Yoga might have caused those pain for my wife. I really got pissed off.

See I like apple so I eat it. Its not acceptable if you want me to stop eating apples just because you don't like it. I really don't think it makes sense :)

I am a kind of person who doesn't involve in caste / religious talks at all. I believe that people should always keep their caste / religious feeling / beliefs within their house and should not carry it along with them everywhere. People still have superstitious beliefs like this (that too in this century).

To my knowledge, the average life span for a human being (in this generation) is going to be around 60 - 70 years. In this short span what are we going to achieve by splitting ourself based on Caste and Religion? For me, just like humans invented programming languages like C, C# they have invented Caste and Religions too. So lets not give too much of importance to any one specific religion or caste. Lets be united and grow together.

I remember reading something relating to "Christian yoga" but without knowing about a subject fully I don't want to talk about that.

I know Mr. X used to read my blog regularly. Just for him I made this post as I don't want to tell this straight on his face and lose his friendship :( Hope Mr. X would understand my point and take it in right spirit!


Maruthi said...

Enna achu suddenly. pls don't take such comments seriously. as I know the X, feeling it bad. that came bcoz of too much of religious faith. don't want to comment on that as it is not good on my part. but I see the positive side of it, his intention here to see his friend & his most loved person shd be well & safe. perhaps he just mixed it up with his blind personal belief. so let us forget this.
I don't want to discuss whether the belief is correct or not, it is someone else's sensitive thing and my comments may hurt him. and I don't hv any rights to comment on others self belief.
To give a good comment for this blog, "Let us keep our religious faith within ourself and do not insist on to others"

Vadivel said...

Exactly as you could see .. that is what exactly i was also saying :)

Anonymous said...

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know yoga said...

Yoga is really helpful.
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Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati (Swamiji, Swami J) said...

Would one say that people drinking wine are necessarily practicing the Christian rite of communion? Would one say that people eating bread with a meal are practicing the Christian rite of communion? Of course not.

If one does physical postures outside of its context as a 100% spiritual practice, you cannot call it Yoga, any more than you can call merely drinking wine and eating bread Christian communion.

Here is a brief video entitled
"Can a Christian Practice Yoga?"