Wednesday, May 03, 2006

[Follow up] New Microsoft Browser Raises Google's Hackles

In continuation to my yesterdays post I read an interesting article Google cries foul, but for what?

Ed Bott in this article has explained with screenshots on how changing providers in IE7 is about the same as changing in Firefox with one exception - MSN Search is NOT an option in Firefox while Google IS an option in IE7!!!!!!!!!

Now, will Google put real pressure on Firefox to let Microsoft Search in their existing list? As I mentioned in the earlier post if you purchase a DELL machines Google search box comes in-built. So I don't think people would really take seriously as everyone by now would have known that "Google follow double standards" :)

Btw apple's new browser (called safari) has google search in-built in it. I have never used it. But I have read that there isn't any option to change it to any other search providers. If this is a fair game .. then whats the problem with Microsofts approach?

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Nikita Polyakov said...

I bought two MCE machines one Gateway and one DELL - both have Google every where I look on it.