Saturday, May 13, 2006

AJAX is the buzzword now ...

AJAX, a new name for old wine -- Asynchronous Javascript + XmlHttpRequest. I really don't think this to be a really new concept!! may we ppl didn't realise earlier that such a thing existed earlier :)

To my knowledge XMLHttpRequest was introduced within IE 5.0 when it was released with NT or Win 2K (now we are talking about IE7 with Windows Vista).

The companies which have released some sort of AJAX framework are:

1. Our big brother "Microsofts" framework for AJAX is called Atlas and you can read about it here.

2. Google's version is called "Google-ajaxslt". One can download their framework here.

3. Check out Project jMaki from SUN.

4. Yahoo's version is "Yahoo! User Interface Library"

All the above mentioned companies where competing directly/indirectly with each other for quite sometime now. But the surprise entry (Atleast for me) is Adobe.

Adobe has released a AJAX framework by name SPRY.

Offlate almost all major technology companies are into AJAX hmmm let the technology WAR on AJAX begin :)


Sivakasi Mahesh said...


Got more new info from your blogs

It is really buzzing me, why this AJAX not implemented previously and what makes it as a Hot Cake in the Web factory now
1) it is fact that normal programmers may ignore new concepts unless and until there is no specific requiremet from client
2) But how this Google(google map) ppls are ignored previously ???

Vadivel said...

Hi Mahesh, thanks for your comment. Btw, though as i have mentioned in my post AJAX was introduced in IE 5.0 by Microsoft. To my knowledge world started noticing the actual power of it once Google came into picture. The search box in page is ajax driven only.