Saturday, January 07, 2017

Quickly removing spam images from WhatsApp

One of the major issues with Whatsapp is in no time it produces numerous "spam images" which would eat up our smartphone's memory.

Initially tackled it by exiting out of many groups and mostly used it for direct one-on-one conversations alone. It helped in cutting down on those useless images (memes, screenshots, quotes, images with good morning/evening messages etc.,) but it didn't completely solve the problem.

Many of them were either close friends/relatives whom I don't want to block in Whatsapp but at the same time wanted a solution to quickly get rid of those spam images.

After some analysis narrowed down on Magic Cleaner App (Artificial Intelligence powered image recognition system) which seems to do the trick for me.

This App does a decent job in identifying the spam images found the accuracy level to be around 75% - which is pretty good. It identifies and lists all images which it considers to be spam/duplicates. Review & if satisfied delete those (or) unselect images which we want to retain and then remove the rest at one shot.

Are you using any other App for this purpose? Please share your experience on how you are tackling this problem.

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Sumathy Maraimalai said...

Quite interesting.As of now not used it, I will try it