Saturday, August 09, 2014

My First Brevet - ECR Classic 200 BRM

During March 2014, after completing my first TCC 100 Kms ride in less than 4 hrs 30 mins decided that I should attempt BRM 200 in June. 


I wasn't having any friends who are into cycling at that time so wasn't too sure on what sort of practice is needed for this. I am used to cycling all alone and my only group event was TCC 100 Kms ride till now.

So all I did was as much as possible daily 1 hour (20 to 25 kms) of cycling and over the weekend i extended it to 2 to 3 hours. I made sure to take a rest day after every 2 days of ride. Used to carry two bottles one filled with water and another one filled with Gatorade. As a backup will also carry two more Gatorade bottles in my backpack along with 4 energy bars. Reason being I want to get used to that drink and energy bar which I plan to use on the event day as well.

Things to carry on a 200 BRM:

This is in no way an exhaustive list I am just documenting what I carried and found it useful. Hope it would be useful for someone someday in future!

1. Helmet
2. Gloves
3. Two Water Bottles
4. Four Energy Bars
5. Gatorade - Either bottles or Pouches
6. Two Spare Tubes
7. Puncture Kit
8. Reflective Vest
9. Sunglasses (I bought sunglasses with custom power based on my eye power) 
10. Money - Convert change and keep it. During the ride if you want to buy something would come in handy.
11. Must have an ATM card - Few control points would be unmanned so we need to take ATM slip as proof of reaching that point on time.
12. Cycling SpeedoMeter - Will come in handy to know how far it is to the next destination and also to monitor the (avg) speed we are maintaining
13. Tail Light (Red Color) - Have spare batteries handy
14. Head Light (White Color) - Have spare batteries handy
15. Pump
16. Cycling Shorts & Jersey
17. Ziploc - Had my smartphone, money, ATM card, Brevet Card in this. Just to be on the safer side even if we are caught in rain!
18. Rider Name, Number, Emergency contact details laminated and stuck on front as well as rear of the cycle

Control Points Calculation:

As per the rule 200 Kms should be completed overall within 13.5 hours and there would also be intermediate control points which should be reached within the specified time limit as well. Check out to know how Control Times are Calculated.

On the Event Day:

Woke up at 2 AM to get ready for the event. Had to be there at the starting point by atleast 5.15 AM so that after inspection can start at 5.30 AM. Drank lots of water and did some stretching exercises as well. Before starting from home I had coffee, biscuits and kelloggs with handful of nuts.

Arrived at the starting point (12 kms from my home) some 15 mins before start and got my cycle inspected quickly for all mandatory things. Once the event started I took it slowly and was maintaining around 20 kmph for ~15 mins before increasing the speed gradually. It took me 1 hr 14 mins to reach the first control point which was at 26 kms from the starting point. Its an Unmanned control point and we were supposed to take an ATM slip from Axis/HDFC bank there. Though took the slip quickly the mistake I did there was spent too much time just chit chatting and taking snaps with others. Learnt later from experienced riders that we should not unnecessarily spend time in control points. 

After some 10 odd mins of wastage I continued my lonely journey to the second control point which was at 48 kms (Mahabs - Thirukundram Road, ECR Poonjeri Junction). I didn't push myself too much for this stretch as well and took it easy and maintained an average of 20-22 kmph. This was a manned control point and Partha Datta was there welcoming the riders. Got my Brevet card signed and sealed from him. 

Shortly Balamurugan Palanivel arrived there with bananas, chocolates etc., had 2 bananas and a chocolate.  Unfortunately they were waiting for the other car to come in which they have water cans for riders. Already I had emptied my water bottle and also didn't want to waste too much time again in this control point for the water can to arrive. So started from there thinking on the way can buy some water bottles. Since I had spare Gatorade bottles with me I was sipping it once in 15 mins until I reached Kalpakkam. Stopped at Kalpakkam and got a 2 ltrs water can. Filled both of my water bottles and drank the remaining water. Now I started to feel fresh again and was ready for ride towards Marakannam (U turn point).

Little did I know that I am entering into a killer stretch which needs real physical and mental strength to complete successfully. From Kalpakkam to Marakkanam the headwinds were real crazy and I was struggling to maintain even 12 to 13 kmph. At one point I even felt should I take a call on quitting! During this stretch I halted multiple times to rest, drink tender coconut etc., Atlast by 11.32 AM (6 hrs from the start) reached the U turn point (111 kms). Felt very happy to see Pradeep Ravindran & Varun Spike manning that control point. 

Varun took some snaps - How ever tired I am on seeing a camera automatically will put a smiling face :) Spend ~30 mins in this control point. I am very grateful to Pradeep as he gave me a mix of lemon, water and salt - wow that really energized me. Took two of that drink. They have also arranged for ice cubes - Took and massaged it on my lower back, knee, neck etc., Other riders chit chatting there were having mixed opinions on how the return journey is going to be. Few were saying it would be tailwinds while others were saying it would be crosswinds. 

So I decided that I would ride for another 1 hour and see how I feel and based on that take a call on quitting or continuing. Fortunately few mins into the ride I was feeling very comfortable as it was tail winds :) I started to increase my pace and was doing 25+ kmph for most of the return journey.

Every 15 or 20 kms I stopped and either took Tender coconut, Nungu (Palm Fruit?), refilling water etc., At one stretch I couldn't find anything but a Hatsun shop so stopped there thinking I would get buttermilk or curd.  After entering the shop realized that they sell only ice creams. Ok so what?  Ordered a 500 ml butterscotch icecream and ate it all alone :) While I was eating there couple of local residents came and started quizzing me about the event, how long I am riding, how gears work in cycle etc., very friendly chit chat again missed to watch out for the time spent and ended up taking too much time there.

After bidding goodbye to them started my journey back maintaining a decent speed and reached the 4th control point ECR View Point (189 kms) by 4.18 pm. Saw Partha Datta was having a camera with lens which was as long as my cycle! He looked like a pro photographer. Also Pradeep Ravinder was there and gave  me Cavin's milkshakes and something else which I forgot now. Knowing that only 16 kms left for the final destination spend some quality 15 mins resting there. 

Enjoyed my ride towards the final destination as I was feeling very happy that my dream of holding that medal from France is going to be achieved shortly. When I was nearing MGM all of a sudden a scorpio stopped few  meters before me and couple of guys got down from it. I was in a dilemma on whether did I do something bad unknowingly while riding :) On nearing them realized that one of my office colleague with his friends is returning back from Pondy (Yeah they were walking steadily :) ). Just spent less than 1 min there to inform them about my participation in an event and am at the last stretch now would explain rest in office later.

The final destination is an unmanned control point - SBI ATM @ Uthandi. I was not aware where it is so after reaching Mayajaal started enquiring people about the location of that ATM. At last one guy showed me the right place and helped me reach the destination @ 5.15 PM. Forgot to take the ATM slip as I was in a mood that I had already completed the event. Later realized and took the slip. While showing it to Anil Sharma Sir he pointed out that the time is not printed properly in that. So went again to the ATM and took a fresh slip from a different machine to be on a safer side. So officially I completed the ride @ 5.21 PM.

Called my wife first and informed her that I had completed the event successfully and thanked her for patiently helping me with my preparation.

Hired a tempo from there and boarded on top of it with my cycle to return to Just Buy Cycles in Velachery where we are supposed to hand over all the ATM slips and Brevet Card.

Tips learnt during the course of this preparation:

1. Fully charge your mobile. Before starting your ride disable Wifi and Mobile data.
2. Never try to ride between vehicles OR race with other commuters on the road. 
3. Normally people say drink before you feel thirsty. I wasn't too sure how to handle this but Partha Datta told me a much more easier version of this. Sip water / energy drink once in 15 mins irrespective of you feel thirsty or not.
4. No shame in quitting. Coming till this point by itself is an achievement and there is always a next time - If you feel the body is not able to take it call up the ride director and inform about your decision to quit.
5. Before starting the ride at home I drank atleast 2 ltrs of water. On the week before the ride I even drank more water than usual.
6. As much as possible reduce the number of breaks before the U turn point. Between 12 to 3 PM is what the heat is going to be at its peak. So my idea was to cover the maximum distance possible without stretching too much before that period. 
7. I donno whether this is right or wrong but i did it :) - Ate lots of chicken, icecream, panner, fish etc., the week before the ride.
8. May be make use of the breaks / Control points to inform your dear one's on where you are. I did that because felt they would be worried and would appreciate we proactively informing them once in a while.

Lastly a very big thanks to Kandappa sir and Partha Datta. I lost count of the number of times I had pestered them during my preparation to clear my doubts - both were very helpful and was more than willing to share notes.

Hope you enjoyed reading my experience! Happy Cycling!!


Anil Sharma said...

Dear Vadivel your sharing of experience in very simple way as it happened will provide lot of guidance to riders from all class

Vadivel said...

Thanks for your guidance and encouragement sir.

Maruthi said...

inspiring blog vadivel, am sure u wldn't know how to ride a bike a month ago and see what you achieved within this short span of time...wish you all the very best and looking fwd on your next exciting adventure.

BTW, u never noticed some of your other achievements in this 200 BRM event:
u drank 50 litres of liquid(water/juice/drinks??), 10 kgs of solid in-take(PalmFruit/JackFruit/coconut/biscuits/nuts...), armed robbery on mutiple ECR ATM booths, stole someone's milkshake (pity cavin??), shoplifting on beach stores (for water bottles and donno wht else??) and at the end as usual a tamil movie climax when hero is abt to finish...there comes "all of a sudden a scorpio stopped few meters before me and couple of guys got down from it..." -- and the hero wins at the end despite all these struggles :-)......hearty congratulations vadivel

Vadivel said...

LOL maruthi at climax it was our sankar with his friends in Scorpio :)

VJVenkat said...

Vadivel ..Definitely your experience and your views are going to help for me.

Vivek said...

I am in participating in BRM 200 which is about to take place on 15/08/14. I own all cycle & ryder accessories except the rider jercy & shorts.. Is is essential or elsecan i use my regular shorts & T-shirt..

Vadivel said...

Glad to know that Venkat. Thanks for your comment.

Vadivel said...

Its not mandatory you can use regular shorts and T-shirt as well. Its just advisable to use cycling shorts.

Ernst said...

Nice job! Have fun on the 400!