Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Removed my friends from here & added them to my Bloglines

I removed all of my VZ friends blog from my blogroll and have added onto my bloglines account.


Bharath Pammi said...

hi, Could u let me know hw to post a flickr album in blogpsot. I created the badge for my flickr account, but somehow am nt able to host it in my blog..
ur help is highly appreciated.


Vadivel said...

Step 1: Check out http://www.flickr.com/badge.gne to create a flickr badge for yourself.

Step 2: Goto 'Templates' tab within your 'Blogger dashboard'

Step 3: Then click on 'Add a Page Element' and choose 'HTML/Javascript'

Step 4: Paste the script which you created in Step 1.

Bharath Pammi said...

Thanks vadivel