Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SQLCMD -- Part V (setting startup scripts)

There are instances where we might need to run some default scripts on a specified server once SQLCMD gets connected. It can be achieved in just three steps as explained below:

Step 1: Create a script file which you wanted to fire when SQLCMD gets connected to your SQL Server.

For keeping the example simple, I used the following line and saved it as SqlCmdStartUpScripts.sql

print 'Welcome today''s date is: ' + (convert(varchar, getdate()))

Step 2: Open DOS prompt and type set sqlcmdini=c:\vadivel\sql related\scripts\SqlCmdStartUpScripts.sql

Step 3: Then type SQLCMD and press Enter.

Refer the below screenshot for the sample output.


Anonymous said...

Would you do such setup for every script you want to execute :)?

Vadivel said...

I donno who this anonymous guy is? May be he didn't understand the concept properly!!

If there are certain scripts which you wanted to run on a daily basis or as a routine job you can put those as your startup script!

Moreover I have just spoken about a feature available in SQL 2005 it all depends on our individual creativity / knowledge / need to use it at right place.