Sunday, April 01, 2007

ToonDoo from Jambav ... 2

I came to know about ToonDoo from D. Rajendran (who is a Product Manager in Jambav) and I am glad he introduced this to me. I created couple of toons and have blogged about it here. I really liked this toonDoo concept and i am playing with it for past 2 days like a kid :)

Actually I wanted to write about "Jambav" in June '06 itself. But as I was bit busy couldn't do that (believe me i was busy only lol). Now somebody has beaten me and has interviewed "Rajendran Dandapani" about him and Jambav. He has spoken about "What is Jambav and why that name?", "about the motivation to start Jambav", "About him and his responsibilities", "Key technologies used", "their business model" etc., I strongly recommend everybody to go through it without fail.

That said, there are few things which I am not sure about this tool ...

1. How much load can their server take? Because very often I find that the server is down (more than thrice last night). {My internet connection had no issues :) as other sites were working fine}.

2. I don't see a FAQ section? I actually wanted to know "how a toon is choosen to be listed under Editor's Pick", "How to change my password?", "What is the Dooers section in the home page?", "How to delete a toon?" etc.,

3. After publishing one of my toon, I edited it twice and when I republished the alignment of the pictures and text went for a toss. All I did was to republish it few more times to solve it :)

4. I tried pasting "Flash based scroller" into my blogger account but it throwed an error saying "Error Loading... Sorry!". May be it doesn't work with Blogger?

5. From their "About Us" section I understand that "Jambav is devoted to creating a unique array of free and customizable online games of educational value for children of all abilities". They say its for kids but they allow "Adult" category to be created! {I saw toons tagged to adult, blowjob!!!, sex etc.,}. Am I missing something?

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rajendran said...

Dear Vadivel,

Our focus has been to build and provide easy-to-use but powerful platforms for creating customized games for children of all ages and abilities.

But, please note that quite unlike Jambav (which is a fully moderated website), ToonDoo is as socially networked as they come, trusting in the wisdom of the crowds and the overall goodness of the community. We do have an inappropriateness-alert mechanism, that well-meaning sentinels can use, very soon after which the editors will remove such content from public view.

We are also experimenting with other mechanisms for maintaining child-safety without jeopardizing what some may call freedom of expression.

Hang on, we are hard at work! Keep watching ToonDoo for interesting developments!

ToonDude from