Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Windows development chief: 'I would buy a Mac if I didn't work for Microsoft'

Check out this article in computerworld.com. May be after this atleast we need to take our company policies very seriously :) How many of you guys are deleting unwanted mails from your official mailbox as per your company policy?

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Srini said...

Well yes !! Going by company policy is a point taken :)

But, I see the whole issue being blown out of proposition. I dont find the point to read too much in between the lines. Allchin has a very good vision for Windows, and an equal good respect for Microsoft as a whole. He is trying to drive a point which he feels the team is missing !! How do we drive a point to a child whose wrong on his/her path? At no point the company has monopolized their claim on running a Windows OS. Now, how many MS employees ripped apart Zune on comparison to iPod? Most of them, and publicly too. They were open to constructive criticism and all these law-suits are looking way too much for such a trivial issue :)

And I feel so bad for Jim Allchin. He is getting targetted repetetively :)A week back, his claim that Vista will be secure with default security features not altered, brought news that 'Allchin recommends No Anti-Virus for Windows Vista' :) I sincerely wish he has a peaceful retirement life for all the good he has done so far!!

Srini said...

Err.. why did i say 'blown out of proposition' instead of 'blown out of proportion' :)