Saturday, October 14, 2006

Desi Search Engine ... - India's local search engine! has been launched in Bangalore on 12th of this month. The site seems to be focused on Indian consumers. May be they wanna become Google of India!

I tried out few searches - the results and performance are really impressive. The search strings which i tried are as follows:

1. Pizza Adyar
2. Verizon Guindy

Quite a few of my search strings also failed. Its understandable as they are still in Beta! But I feel its definitely a good start.

Guys use it and share your experience ....

If you like to know more about the Investors, Management Team etc., check out this.

Extract from TechTree:

Gaurav Mishra, co-founder and coo, explains, "90% of Internet search queries are local in nature, and will deliver better search results than any other search engine in these instances. For example, if a user types a search "Pizza in Koramangala, Bangalore " or "Chinese restaurant Juhu, Mumbai" the user will be able to see local business listings as well as articles, reviews, blogs, or any other web references."

Extract from

Two Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi graduates have returned from the Silicon Valley to launch a home-grown search engine with loads of Indian content.

In a bid to offer an alternative search engine and wean away the growing community of Internet buffs from established search engines like Google and Yahoo! Anurag Dod and Gaurav Mishra have co-founded with a $7-million (Rs.322 million) seed fund from Sequoia Capital India, a venture capital firm.

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