Friday, August 11, 2006

How to find whether a decimal number is divisible by another decimal number?

Normally for finding whether an integer is divisible by another integer we would use Modulo function (%). But what if we have two decimal values? The below code snippet would help you in that case.

Declare @decValueOne decimal(10,2), @decValueTwo decimal(10,2)
Declare @tempResultCeiling int, @tempResultFloor int

Set @decValueOne = 21.3
Set @decValueTwo = 7.1

--Normal method which would work for two integer values
Select cast(@decValueOne as int) % cast(@decValueTwo as int)

Select @tempResultCeiling = Ceiling(@decValueOne / @decValueTwo)
Select @tempResultFloor = Floor(@decValueOne / @decValueTwo)

Select Case
When @tempResultCeiling = @tempResultFloor
then 'Evenly Divisible'
Else 'It''s NOT divisible'
End as 'Result'

If you run the above code snippet the result would be 'Evenly Divisible' as 21.3 is three times 7.1
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1 comment:

denz said...

I wonder why modulo (%) doesn't do what your snippet is doing when using this code on integers yeilds the same result with %. Isn't it?