Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mr. Grimes’ Farewell (his last article)

For those who doesn't know who Dr. Grimes is ...

"Dr. Richard Grimes, who is one of the famous exponent of Microsoft technologies like ATL, WTL, COM, COM+ and.NET. He has written many books and articles on these techologies and a regular speakers in Microsoft conferences. One of the books he has written in .NET is 'Developing applications With Visual Studio.NET'. He has worked closely with Microsoft teams".

Recently (in Feb 2005), he stepped down from his post of writing articles and speaking about .NET technology and the reasons he gives as somebody who has closely worked with Microsoft is interesting. The article is published in Dr. Dobb's Journal. For .NET developers, this article gives information on the future Microsoft is planning for .NET. As a developer working in .NET technologies, I found this article informative. Here is the url of the article.

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