Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Wanna move from PHP/JSP to ASP.NET?

As you know Microsoft has been developing a new tool to help developers move to ASP.NET called the ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant. You probably played around with it earlier on. On 9th Jan 2004 they have announced the Beta release of this tool.

The ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant is designed to help you convert ASP pages and applications to ASP.NET. It does not make the conversion process completely automatic, but it will speed up your project by automating some of the steps required for migration.

Here’s how to try the ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant Beta:

1) Visit to learn more and download the tool.
2) Visit to post your questions and feedback.

BTW – there is a PHP to ASP.NET and JSP to ASP.NET migration wizard too.

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