Sunday, December 28, 2003

Metabase ...

Are you one among the guys who think Apache is powerful because it is configurable using a config file? then I suggest you to learn about IIS "MetaBase". For your information we can do almost anything we want with IIS by editing the MetaBase!!

For instance, we can create virtual directories, stop/ start / pause websites etc.,

Microsoft provides a GUI utility called MetaEdit, which is somewhat similar to RegEdit, to help you read from and write to the MetaBase.

To take full advantage of the MetaBase try out the command-line tool, called the IIS Administration Script Utility (adsutil.vbs) which can be found @ C:\inetpub\adminscripts, or system32\inetsrv\adminsamples. This folder would have lots of other useful administrative scripts as well.

That said, the MetaBase is crucial for the functioning of IIS server, so ALWAYS take a backup first before fiddling with it :)

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