Thursday, January 05, 2017

Our experience trying to purchase a product from Zivame

We had some interesting experience trying to purchase a product from Zivame. Let me try to paint a picture about that for you all in this post.

Attempt 1: In person went to their store

A few weeks back during the holiday season, we found this store in Phoenix Mall, Chennai (India). My wife tried out the products of her need and got the model number written down on a card. Looks like they don't store inventory there it is just customer touch point center where they can discuss with store staff to know more about the product and choose what they want but they can purchase it only online.

Attempt 2: Tried ordering online

First on registering got a Rs. 500/- coupon. After adding the required items in the cart proceeded to checkout, provided the coupon code and it showed the revised "order total". So far so good :)

Next, on trying to pay via debit card it resulted in an "Order Failed" status & suggested me to try the checkout process again.

So I decided to try again but the system has cleared out the form and asked me to fill out all the details again (like, email address, shipping address, coupon code etc.,). Filled it all over again and while trying to apply the coupon code it showed an error message saying "Coupon invalid for old user" - I believe they aren't referring to my age here :) Actually they seems to be trying to say I had already made purchases with them so coupon code doesn't apply to me. Pathetic system - they can't even identify whether a user is purchasing for the first time or not!

Maybe some glitch in the system so decided to send out an email about our grievance to Zivame's customer care (

In few minutes we got the below response from customer care via

In that, they have provided a URL stating "Please refer the URL below for any queries which might require your immediate attention:". Interestingly URL shows a Page 404 error.

You have an issue with their website, so write to their customer care, they want you to check a URL, you try doing that and that shows up a classic Page 404 error. So now confused to whom should one complain about this second issue? Zivame or Freshdesk?

I am shopping online extensively since last 3 or 4 years, but this one was the most pathetic experience. Sorry Zivame you seems to have all infrastructure set up just to make sure prospective customers aren't converted into a customer that easily. Thanks!


Ms. Bhargavi from Zivame called a few minutes back and assisted in fixing something at their system level which enabled me to use the coupon codes and place the order successfully. Really appreciate the way she handled the situation & followed up to make sure I was able to place the order.

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