Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jallikattu needs your support

Myth: Jallikattu is a bullfight

Jallikattu is NOT a bull vs human fight. It's a game where the players are required to embrace the running bulls by hanging on their hump as far as possible.

It's NOT a bullfight and the bulls are not injured (or) killed later on. This is in sharp contrast to the Spanish bull fight where the players insert a sword into the spine of the bull!

So is Jallikattu cruelty-free? 

Maybe not. But lets take a step back and think through this.

There have been on field deaths in Football, Cricket, Boxing etc., So did authorities try to make sure the game is, even more, safer (OR) did they ban those sports?

Yes if there are rules there are going to be rule breakers as well. So should we discipline rule breakers (or) ban the entire sport just by looking into few exceptions happened in the past?

There are quite a few rules to be followed in Jallikattu as well. Just in case it isn't followed should the protest needs to be for implementing the rules (or) banning the sport? 

Doesn't it clearly say there are some misplaced priorities here?

When important stakeholders (Farmers, people who love & own bulls, researchers) time & again say

1. Ban on Jalikattu is actually against native breeds,
2. Lots of native breeds have already become extinct & this ban on Jallikattu will probably lead to the remaining 5 native breeds being extinct too,
3. There is a bigger politics behind this move etc.,

Did Peta India supporters / Media take any effort to research on that angle and provide their findings? (or) where they even ready for a healthy debate with those stakeholders on that topic?

Having a different point of view is never an issue but not willing to research, learn, debate and then be ready to change stance based on facts is what is worrisome.

Please don't blindly believe the media & NGO behind this move. We need to save our native breeds. Let us not give away our treasures to groups who are masters of playing "Divide & Rule" game.

Now if our great-grandparents are alive they wouldn't allow this to happen. Why? Because they know the effort, pain, sacrifice they all had to make to get the freedom for India from a "divide & rule" group earlier. Even before our great-grandparents realized the big picture that group had spread their wings all around the country and colonized India.

Jallikattu is the pride of TamilNadu, Part of Tamil Culture, Identity of Tamilians. Let's do our bit to save it from corporates with the vested interest.

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Prem said...

Truly said.. now a days they do anything for money.. this culture Should chang

Sumathy Maraimalai said...

Very true.corporate politics